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Data Center

A Data Center is a centralized repository, either physical or virtual, for the storage, management, and dissemination of data and information organized around a particular body of  knowledge  or  pertaining  to  a  particular  business. The main purpose of a Data Center is running the applications that handle  the  core  business  and  operational  data  of  any organization. Data Center operation  is  a  crucial  aspect.  One  of  the   main  concerns   is  business  continuity; companies rely on their information systems to run their operations. If   a  system  becomes   unavailable,   company operations may be impaired or stopped completely.
The design and construction quality of computer room directly relates to the  fact  whether  computer  system in the room can stably and reliably run or not, whether various information communications are smooth or not.
Since the environment of computer room must satisfy requirements of various  electronic  equipment  and s  taff   for temperature, humidity, cleanness, electromagnetic field intensity, noise disturbance,  security  and  safeguarding,  leak proof, power supply quality, vibration, lightning protection and so on, a qualified modern computer room should be a safe, reliable, comfortable, practical, energy  saving,  and  high  efficient  modern   computer  room  with  extendibility and green ideas.
Our  pre-sale  engineer  can  advise  and  provide  solutions  to  manage  critical  environmental   elements   for  your datacenter-maintaining temperature, humidity and air quality for the best possible performance.
Achieving storage and compute efficiency is an early priority for many organizations. For almost every organization, storage requirements are increasing at a very rapid rate. Continually upgrading and adding to your storage capacity is a continual burden for IT department budgets. In most cases only 5% of stored data is active at any one point. Xetimes strategically place new backup and archive methods combined with data deduplication to streamline backup up process and improve efficiencies.

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