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Xetimes cooperates with the telecommunication partners like AVAYA, China Telecom, Polycom, etc to help our clients and partners to meet their needs to transmit information, or data, across these networks an electrical signal, referred to as the carrier is used. Modulation is required for that carrier to transmit/receive the data. Modulation can be either analog or digital. An example of analog modulation would be amplitude modulation (AM), like what is used in radio broadcasting at some frequencies. An example of digital modulation would be using internet protocols (IPs) to carry data across the network.
Telecommunication is super important in the nowadays with the fast information developing. It helps enterprises and  people  connect,  communicate  and  exchange  signs,  signals,  messages,  words,  writings,  images  and  sounds  or information of any nature by wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems.
Telecommunications, or telecom, refers to the process  of  exchanging  information  such  as  voice,  data  and  video transmissions via electronic  technologies  like  telephones  (wired and wireless),  microwave  communications,  fiber optics, satellites, radio and television broadcasting, and the internet.
Telecommunication is extremely important for business which include internet service, VOIP, wireless service, radio, television, cable, and satellite television. It means communicating effectively with both employees and customers, allowing maximum collaboration and data sharing.

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