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Logistic Case

Cainiao Logistic Wireless coverage project
The warehousing and distribution of rookie logistics relies on Alibaba big data to count the preferences of buyers in the region, put the products in storage before 11th Nov, and after the buyer places an order for payment on the day of 11th Nov, tmall's  order  will  be  directly  transferred  to  rookie  logistics.  The  robot  connected  to  WiFi  in  the warehouse will check the information, sort products, pack packages, distribute and transport.
The whole process, a stable and secure network is necessary, so the  gateway  product  is  an  important  part  of the solution provided by Xetimes, which can protect the network security of rookies during the period of double 11 and double 12 and prevent the information leakage of buyers!
The details can reflect the specialty, needless to say, as shown in the figure, all the network equipment provided by Xetimes are sent to each warehouse of rookie logistics through strict package, so that they are not afraid of collision during transportation!
After the network equipment arrives at  the  library,  the  engineers  who  have  been  in  place  quickly  install  the equipment, and the AP performs the unified SSID setting and places the corresponding points.
After all the network equipment is connected, Xetimes engineer will connect  the  rookie  warehouse  system  and  logistics  system  and debug the network for all warehouses at the same time!
During the period of 11th Nov, engineers were stationed to provide it support. With  good  network  and  24-hour engineer support, rookie logistics had no worries. Of course, delivery was  fast!  Double  12  is  near,  and  Xetimes engineer has stood by.

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