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Financial Case

Hebei Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
Xetimes Support Cisco Video Conference System Service
Hebei Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.  is  one  of  the  early  non-bank  financial  institutions  established  in  China.  Hebei Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. was established with the approval of the People ’s Bank of China in 1995. As of the end of 2016, the company ’s assets reached 22 billion yuan.
As  a  large  enterprise,  branch  offices  are  set  up  in  many  places,  but   due   to   geographical   restrictions,   the communication costs between various departments and offices are increasing day by day, but the efficiency of work is gradually decreasing. The videoconferencing system  engineers  use  Cisco  Telepresence  SX20  provides  a complete solution for breaking down the barriers of intra-enterprise communication. It not only enables multi-site conferences to proceed smoothly, but also enables video connections on multiple terminals (such as mobile phones, iPad tablets, etc.) anytime, anywhere. The increased efficiency of task delegation and collaborative communication has laid a solid foundation for the success of the enterprise. In  addition,  the  conference  room  is  used  with  projectors  and  LCD monitors to achieve the best meeting effect.

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