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IT Asset Management

IT asset management (information technology asset management,  or ITAM) : A  centralized  approach  to  managing IT systems and assets. Xetimes' ITAM strategy will help you oversee and optimize the full lifecycle  of  each  individual piece.
Xetimes' IT Asset Management (ITAM)is designed to deliver  and  maintain  complete  knowledge  about  your assets, their configurations, and their interconnections.
Xetimes has everything your IT teams need out-of-the-box including automation rules, SLAs, real-time reporting, and ITIL-certified processes like incident, problem, and change management. Deliver great service, at a fraction of the cost and set up time of competitors.
IT assets have a finite period of use. To maximize the value an organization  can  generate  from  them,  the  IT  asset lifecycle can be proactively managed. Each organization may define unique stages of that lifecycle, but they generally include planning, procurement, deployment, maintenance, and retirement. An important part of IT asset management is applying process across all  lifecycle  stages  to  understand  the  total  cost  of  ownership  and  optimize  the  use  of assets.
Collaboration is also an important part of effective asset management.
IT    asset    management  includes   hardware,   software   systems,   or   information   an   organization   values.  data centers,networks, employee or user workstations and any other business technology.

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