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Hardware&Software Maintenance

Not  all  networking  hardware  assets  require  expensive  maintenance  agreements  from  the  Original   Equipment Manufacturer, so budget  cost  reductions, are  not  only  possible,  but  perfectly  viable  with  Xetimes  independent support. When it comes to protecting your technology infrastructure, you want to develop a strategy that works best for your organization.That’s where Xetimes offering comes in. Our third-party  maintenance (TPM)  program  offers customizable options to keep your network up and running.
Xetimes provides independent IT network support and  network  maintenance  services  for  Cisco,  Huawei,  HP, IBM,  EMC,Fortinet,Juniper,F5 Networks networking hardware.
Xetime’s Maintenance Support Service tailors Service Level Agreements (SLA)  to  meet  different  customer  needs. Regardless of what level of service, we will meet your requirements 100%. Supporting those SLAs is a highly qualified and experienced technical team, comprehensive service facilities, and a ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management framework offering flexible and proactive services.
The Maintenance Support Service takes into account factors such as:
1. Hardware replacement solution
2. Onsite-support
3. Time & Materials services
4. Warehousing & Logistics
5. Spare parts management
6. Asset Management
7. Xetimes Analytics & Reporting

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