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Network&Systems integration

The competition from the market requires enterprises to reduce inner cost with new IT technology and management procedure and enhance their competitiveness while the IT department needs to master new tools and information to secure current and future cost control. However, new problems and effectiveness  of  new  management  philosophy have to be tested and verified to  see  whether   it  will  bring  the  expected  effect.  Meanwhile,  the  complexity and uncontrollable management of new project perplexes the IT department.

Supported by experienced engineer team and extensive  cooperation  with  Cisco,  Huawei,  Juniper,  ZTE  and  other software and hardware manufacturers, Xetimes provides perfect system integration and solution for IT infrastructure, helps clients to optimize their IT investment and cut down overall cost. Xetimes develops solution based on the core business and integration of the enterprise and its current IT application through its IT environment study and analysis. Moreover, Xetimes integrates current IT resources and supplements  new  IT  applications  to  build  a complete and efficient IT application environment for the user, and thus formulate standard procedures covering IT procurement, asset management, operation and maintenance, and system integration.

Xetimes has attached great importance to the development trend of IT and kept exploring new technologies and new standards. Additionally, Xetimes builds  labs  for  test  and  application  actively  as  Xetimes  does  not  merely   focus  on single solution. In order to assist our clients to achieve their management  goal,  we  have  to  integrate  multiple application solutions, so as to achieve the demand, improve the efficiency, reduce the cost and avoid the risk with the most appropriate method.

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