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Information Security Center

Xetimes focus on providing information security center to protect sensitive business information from modification, disruption, destruction, and inspection by the processes and tools designed and deployed.
Information security is a crucial part of Cybersecurity, but it refers exclusively  to  the  processes  designed  for  data security. Cybersecurity is a more general term that includes information security.
Information security is the most important part in enterprise to avoid the data related info being  stolen,  copied  or used with any authority. It achieved through a structured risk management process that:
1. Identifies information, related assets and the threats, vulnerability and impact of unauthorized access
2. Evaluates risks
3. Makes decisions about how to address or treat risks i.e. avoid, mitigate, share or accept
4. When mitigated, selects, designs and implements security controls
5. Monitors activities and makes adjustments to address any new issues, changes, or improvements

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