IT Managed service

Cut down your IT cost

Xetimes helps businesses managing your IT environment, providing IT managed service to allow your company   to   focus   on   higher   priority   with low   cost. According to SLA, we defines exactly what services will be   furnished   and   the degree to offer you. We mange your On-site engineering (IMAC) tech   support, Managed security service Outsourced IT services Network   operations,  Remote technical services ,Desktop services etc.

In the information technology times, enterprises reply on IT to help them realize Informatization,   digitalization,   and   modernization.   But   some   don't   have professional IT team, or they just know some aspects   of   IT   knowledge,   then more and more enterprises choose reliable and professional   partners   to   help them to manage their IT environment, assets, resources   to   improve   working efficiency to reach benefit maximization, and resources optimal allocation. They find us Xetimes-professional IT service provider in China to help customers with all their network and hardware services.

Improve your working efficiency

Thus, enterprise get rid of the anxious feeling caused by IT problems like they need a desktop maintenance person to support theirs office IT operations, they need their all office devices to get maintenance services to guarantee theirs normal working. They need network to be reformed, or computer room to be relocated, any IT problem you meet will be easy solved by your perfect partner Xetimes in China.

So the enterprises can just focus on working without being disturbed or interrupted by the IT problems which actually often occur to let your business run normally and efficiently then better cut your IT cost.

Customized SLA to meet your needs.

We know our customers well, and support our customers and partners according to your needs, We provide different SLA with different response time with below:

  • ●24*7*4 Response
  • ●8*5*NBD Response
  • ●10 minutes remote
  • ●2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours in same day
  • ●2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours next business day
  • ●2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours 2 business days
  • ●2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours 3 business days
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