IMAC Break Fix

Install, Move, add and Change for your IT equipment.

Xetimes helps you to install, move, add and change with your IT equipment with low cost to better deploy your IT assets.Break/fix is a method of providing IT support to customers. Services are generally rely on a customer contacting the IT services company when repairs and upgrades are needed. While break/fix usually works on a time-and-materials basis in which the contractor charges an hourly rate plus the cost of parts, there are some exceptions. For example, a break/fix company might offer discrete services, such as virus removal, at a flat rate instead of an hourly rate, usually because the contractor has a clear idea of the time involved.


  • ●System equipment at user site.
  • ●Installation and deployment of hardware components
  • ●Installation and deployment of software applications


  • ●Move the IT system from one to another.
  • ●Move the IT hardware from one to another.
  • ●Move the IT software from one to another.


  • ●Additional hardware adding
  • ●Additional software adding.
  • ●Systems upgrading adding.


  • ●Change of existing hardware configuration
  • ●Updating of installed software
  • ●Software settings changing
  • ●Uninstalling unneeded software applications
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