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Telecommunication Case

A Global Well-known Communications Group "Wireless Office"
With the growing popularity of mobile Internet and  more  and  more  users  using  a  variety  of  mobile terminals, enterprises and institutions pay more and more attention to the construction of wireless networks.The advantage of wireless WiFi  is  more  and  more  obvious  compared  to  the  wired network. At present many enterprise network environment have begun to carry out wireless coverage for internal staff access to the company's internal network and the Internet anytime and anywhere.
Xetimes joins hands with a communications group to create an efficient "wireless  office"!  In  order  to  ensure the wireless coverage effect, Xetimes Wireless engineers conducted a detailed site survey of its office area, and used professional wireless network planning tools for simulation to ensure the rationality of the early planning.
As one of the well-known network security service providers in China, Xetimes adopts AC + AP wireless solution in this solution according to the network requirements and environmental characteristics of the group. It also supports Internet behavior management gateway equipment for intranet Wired  network  for  online behavior management; deploy ceiling APs in all office areas for all areas.
Xetimes provides the group with a high starting point, high  stability,  and  high  security  basic  wireless  network architecture, and is well compatible with the group's existing wired network. Enterprise employees can access the Internet through convenient methods It provides convenience for efficient "paperless office", mobile OA, etc., and improves the work efficiency of enterprises. After actual testing and use of the existing network, the entire wireless network operates steadily and efficiently, and each function meets the customer's  requirements  for  the wireless network.

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