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Manufacturing Case

The 18th BMW Art Car Conference
Xetimes supports wireless network coverage on site
This multimedia artist combines augmented reality technology with a physical body to create a piece of installation art that travels through time and space. From this, he looks forward to the prospects of digital future travel featuring autonomous driving and artificial intelligence.
To meet the needs of the BMW Art Car conference, Xetimes divided the live network coverage into two parts: wired link and wireless WiFi coverage. The network of the media live broadcast area uses wired connection to meet the high-speed and stable network requirements during media live broadcast, so as to achieve the ultra-high-definition 1080P live broadcast of the conference; the interview area, guest area and auditorium are covered with wireless WiFi. Xetimes engineers surveyed the setting points of the AP in the site to achieve the on-site wireless WiFi network can be switched at will, connect without blind spots, and the network speed meets the needs of the conference event!

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