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Healthcare Case

With the continuous economic development and social progress, China has entered an aging society, and there have also been problems such as empty nest elderly and left-behind children.  With  the   population  shift,  many people cannot take care of their parents. If the parents are sick, it is difficult Seek medical treatment soon. Then community assistance is needed, and it is important to establish a medical and health institution  in  the  community,  but  if  an emergency occurs, how can the patient be rescued if the ambulance is not available?
Community medical video conference solution
According to different application environments and uses of the medical  and  health  system,  Community  medical institutions are equipped with video  conference  systems,  making  full  use  of  various  server  products,  matching users'network conditions, selecting appropriate access methods (including E1, DDN, ISDN, LAN, ADSL, etc.), providing three different applications including remote diagnosis solutions, remote training solutions and industry conference solutions.Perfect telemedicine solution can not only solve the problem of  treating  patients,  but  also  improve  the ability of medical staff in all aspects, and realize communication with experts everywhere.

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