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Education Case

Tsinghua University Computer room moving project.
The world-class university built in year of 1911.
Recently,  with  professional  technology  and  high-quality  services,  Xetimes  has  been  recognized   by   Tsinghua University's advanced chip technology innovation center in the future to provide computer room relocation services. This is a successful breakthrough in the information construction of colleges and  universities  in  the  era  of  dazzle billion, and also an important beginning to serve the construction of smart campus.
Due to the acceleration of information construction in the University, the existing computer room has the problems of small area and backward supporting facilities,  which  restricts  the  development  of  information  technology  in  the University. Therefore, Tsinghua University's  future  chip  technology  innovation  center  decided  to  move the information center to meet the expanding needs.
After full communication with the school, the engineers of Xuanyi era provided a targeted overall relocation plan for the school and carried out strict organization and scientific construction accordingly, and implemented successfully, helped Tsinghua university relocate the computer room and accomplish IT asset deployment.

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